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Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Things You Are Going To Learn During The Total Health  Experts Summit…

We’ve brought together 25 exceptional coaches, doctors, entrepreneurs and high performance professionals who...

  • Will share the most up-to-date, accurate and actionable information on natural, proven approaches to achieve health in every aspect of your life.
  • Will help you understand why many of the challenges you're facing have simple root causes, where most people get it wrong, and what works when everything else has failed?
  • Will help you separate “claims” from the truth and sort out all the conflicting information that’s out there.
  • Will share natural, effective solutions that are both easy to implement and actually work over the long haul. 
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                   And most of all...
  • Are committed to helping you reach a new level of health, happiness and fulfillment.

This exclusive online event can help you even if you’ve done everything that everyone has told you to do, but are still struggling to live your best.

"I've listened to a lot of interviewers over the years - you are definitely one of the very best! Good on you Aliky - you have done it with superb flair and admirable expertise! I lived in Sydney for 10 years and loved every moment I spent in your awesome country. And I love how you give the summit a heartening Ozzie feel! Thank you for your excellent series Aliky.”

Joanne Southcombe


Plus, As A Special Bonus For Claiming Your Free Ticket To The Total Health Experts Event, You’ll Get…

The 2019 Total Health Experts Playbook 

The Top 13 Total Health Strategies for 2019!

Discover the hidden causes of health disorders, the natural remedies that actually heal the body and mind, plus specific lifestyle strategies that are working today.

You can gain control of your health and start using the strategies found in the 2019 Total Health Experts Playbook right away!

After all, a healthy life is about much more than fitness and a good diet!

Total Health Is Also About Knowing The Following:

  • How to create an environment in your home and work space that contributes to a healthy mind...
  • The #1 unknown culprit lurking in your home that is keeping you sick...
  • Creating a health plan that serves your entire being, not just your digestion...
  • The important strategies to getting a good night rest — every night...
  • How to eat the best, organic foods without breaking the bank
  • An unexpected way to ensure you get in your daily exercise...
  • How to identify and find root causal factors contributing to auto-immune conditions...
  • How to pick your health up when you trip...
  • Ways to breakthrough when you feel stuck in life...
  • How to channel the success you have in one area of your life... into any other area you want to improve!
  • Why your heart, mind body and spirit and environment are all contributing factors to your total health...
  • How to blast through the barriers that hold you back in your daily life and health...
  • How to make sure that your environment is supportive...
  • Why 80% of folks diagnosed with auto-immune disorders are women...
  • What to do when you feel depleted physically...
  • How to overcome your mental and emotional blocks around money...
  • Understanding the profound effects of social relations on your health...
  • A simple way to return yourself to the present moment...
  • How to turn around your relationships so they are deeply meaningful and uplifting...

...and so much more!

Learn from These 25 exceptional speakers ...

We handpicked these top speakers from around the globe

Dr. Mariza 

The Essential Oils Hormone Solution


2-Day-a-Week Supercharge Your Gut Program 

Dr. Steven

The Better Brain Solution - A Lifestyle and Nutrition Plan

Dr. Darrell

Total Love and Mastery of Your Emotions: Wolfe Nonsurgical Techniques for Optimal Digestion and Health

Dr. Keesha

Solving the Auto Immune Puzzle

Dr. Cam

Part 1: Personalized Health, How to Understand Your Unique Body


Part 2: How to Take Control of Your Health Back

DR. Venus

The Whole Body Effect Of Cortisol: The Good, The Bad, and The Easy


The Truth About Electromagnetic Fields & What You Can Do to Safeguard Your Health

Dr. Stephen

Stop Guessing - Fix Your Gut and Your Life

Dr. Raphael

Seeing the Unseen World: Harnessing the Power of Bacteria Within You For Optimal Health


The Fast Way to Total Health


The Profound Impact of Social Relations on Your Health


How I Ditched the Standard American Diet, Lost 70 Pounds, and Got My Health Back Permanently


Abundance in Health and Wealth & Self Care Rituals Every Woman Needs to Know


Love Life and Love on All Levels


Taking in the Minerals of Life

Dr. Gabriel

Whole Person Health & Reaching Your Optimal Health Potential


How to Steward Life-Long Learning, Advanced Knowledge & Optimum Health


Nonsurgical Aesthetics Techniques for Optimal Health


Keto Adapter Lifestyle for More Energy and a Lighter, Healthier You

Dr. Michael

What’s Your Gut Microbiome Enterotype and Healthiest Diet for You?

Dr. Russell

Prebiotics, Probiotics & Symbiotics: The Foundations of Optimal Digestive Health


SIBO Guru Dishes on Dangers of Restricting Carbohydrates


Genesis of the Total Health Network Series

Meet Your Host and Speaker...

Aliky Kouroupis

Successful Summit Host, Health & Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and creator of the program Women, Men, and Money: An Unconventional Path to True Freedom and Fulfillment.

Aliky has hosted four successful Summits, and has been featured in over 50 Summits/online education based events and the Total Health Network Experts Event is her 6th online production. Aliky was born in Sydney, Australia, her professional journey began over 24 years ago in corporate leadership with global information technology companies, including IBM. 

As a teenager, she started becoming proficient in the spiritual arts, meditation, yoga and dancing. She has received many certifications in these areas in addition to competitive gymnastics and aerobics at state and national levels.

She has guided hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, women, people, and highly conscious spiritual seekers,  people who are hard-working, achievers, but aren’t finding the sustainable success or long-term results without burning themselves out or sacrificing their integrity and true passions. They know there’s more, but don’t know what it looks like or how to do it, and are afraid of making the leap to a new way of living – from their truth and ever replenishing inner source versus outer safety and security.

You may know Aliky from the Healthy Gut Experts Summit and she recommends Australian Digestive Excellence. You can start with your 4-day program to seal a leaky gut by joining our summit to learn how and get started straight away!

If You Struggle With Energy Levels, Overwhelm, Relationships, Feeling Isolated Or Any Aspect Of Your Health Then You Don’t Want to Miss This Summit!

When these issues pile up, it can feel like you’re stuck in a dark place… with no idea how to climb out. 

But Aliky has seen from working with her clients that every person, including you, has the power inside them to transform their life. 

Each expert featured in this online event will reveal how to find that power inside yourself

No matter where you are stuck… it’s not permanent. The right support and guidance will empower you to refresh and upgrade your life.

If that sounds good to you, then...

You’ve got to be here!

The entire summit is online for your convenience, and it’s free to attend - for a limited time.

Why Should You Attend The Total Health Experts Summit?

  • 1
    You'll learn how to align all the aspects of your environment so it's supportive and conducive to your success.
  • 2
    Discover what you’re missing in your fitness that's holding you back from feeling healthy and energized.
  • 3
    You'll learn simple methods to stay centered and connected in every moment. This foundational skill will help you achieve all your health goals.
  • 4
    Our experts will reveal how to reach new depths in your relationships and experience heart-opening connections.
  • 5
    Health problems can be really frightening and isolating. By attending this summit, you’ll see firsthand that you aren’t the only one going through these challenges. And you’re not the only one seeking proven methods to improve your health. Use the summit to begin finding your tribe!
  • 6
    Your ticket is FREE - for a limited time. As you probably know, most conferences like this are expensive. They can costs hundreds… or even thousands… of dollars. I’m offering you a free ticket because I know how powerful it is when you have the ability to get healthy on purpose. The thing is...you’ve got to claim your spot right away because each exclusive expert session will only be for free for a limited time.
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    Finally, you should register for the Total Health Experts Summit if you want to finally take back control of your health. Living well is rarely achieved by accident. When you’re purposeful about your wellbeing, it shows up in every area of your life. 


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